Casa San Matías is committed with honoring the tradition and legacy that were transmitted to us by our predecessors. We’re proud of being one of the oldest family tequila distilleries in Mexico.

Everyone working at Casa San Matías put our hearts and dedication to every bottle. Our mission is to always offer tequilas of the best quality in Mexico.

At Casa San Matías we are one big family. Everyone involved in the process of tequila crafting is more than just a tequila maker; every person is a unique individual with years of accumulated experiences and backgrounds. So when you sit down to taste one of our products, you don’t taste Factory-made but rather a family-made tequila with an extraordinary experience.

While succesfully overcoming many challenges along the way, we have mantained a leading position in the tequila industry more than 130 years. Just like the world around us, we continue to evolve while preserving the authenticity of the original tequila that has been present in our home since 1886.

120 years of history culminating in perfection.

Tequila Orgullo Pueblo Viejo was relased to
commemorate our 120 years of history and evolution.

During the year the 1st international Space Station was sent into orbit, we intruduced tequila Rey Sol. May this year be remembered for men taking a step closer to the sun.

As the world evolved from the traditional to the digital era, al Casa San Matías we progressed as well by developing the first extra-aged tequila in the Mexican market: San Matías Gran Reserva.

History is established

It’s not easy to add new chapters to an already busy history book, yet that’s exactly what we did. In a decade of progress and historical events, our company didn't want to stay behind; we introduced Pueblo Viejo, marking a new age in our tequila crafting.

In an era when commercial jet airplanes began to allow for travel, we decided to do a little traveling of our own; relocating our distillery to Ojo de Agua in Los Altos de Jalisco.

Our history begins

During a revolutionary era in Mexico many great social and technological advancements were taking place, and Don Delfino Gonzalez saw this as the perfect opportunity to develop his passion of making tequila. Because of this, Don Delfino brought great progress to the tequila industry without losing the authenticity and value of the real tequila.

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